Let’s fish! Capt. Willie’s Charters specializes in fishing the clear ocean waters off Palm Beach County for kingfish, dolphinfish, wahoo, blackfin tuna and sailfish. Running several miles offshore into the bright blue Gulf Stream water to look for mats of floating seaweed (Sargassum) that hold colorful dolphinfish (mahi mahi) is a favorite, especially in the summer and fall. Capt. Willie also enjoys fishing for tuna and snapper in the summer. Winter brings good fishing for Spanish mackerel, bluefish and Palm Beach’s trademark sailfish. We catch (and release) sailfish all year long. 

Pelagic fish abound


Dolphinfish (mahi mahi) are popular game fish...beautiful, fast-growing, high jumping and very tasty!

Powerful blackfin tuna


Spring, summer and fall are the best seasons for blackfins off Palm Beach

Sailfish Alley


Sailfish can appear on the end of your line almost any time of year